District Grand King M. E. Comp. Neil A. Coey
District Deputy Grand King R. E. Comp. Alan Ferris
District Assistant Grand King R. E. Comp. Roy Humphries
District Grand High Priest R. E. John Totten
District Grand Chief Scribe R. E. Jonathon Coates
District Grand Treasurer R. E. Cecil J. E. M. Wilson
District Grand Registrar R. E. Terry Luney
District Assistant Grand Treasurer V. E. John Robinson
District Assistant Grand Registrar V. E. Norman E. R. Kelly
District Grand Chaplains V. E. The Rev. Charles McCurdy, Rev. Canon George N. Little, Rev. Colin Campbell, Rev. Kenneth Gamble
District Grand Director of Ceremonies V. E. Desmond McCormick, Peter Rowntree, Victor McNeill
District Grand Captain of the Host V. E. William Kirkpatrick
District Grand Supt. of the Tabernacle V. E. Henry Latimer
District Grand Royal Arch Captain V. E. Sam McAllister
District Grand Capt. of the Scarlet Veil V. E. Ivan Knox
District Grand Capt. of the Purple Veil V. E. Stephen Revels
District Grand Capt. of the Blue Veil V. E. Raymond Black
District Grand Stewards V. E. Neville Leinster, Philip Robinson, Stuart Abernethy & Jeffrey Spiers
District Grand Sword Bearer V. E. Norman Armstrong
District Grand Almoners V. E. James Robinson, Brian Gardner, John Moody
District Grand Organists V. E. Charles E. Ruttle, Stephen Thompson
District Grand Chapter Standard Bearer V. E. David Emerson
District Grand King's Standard Bearer V. E. Roger Fleming
District Grand Janitor V. E. D. Samuel Bell
District Grand Physician   Vacant
District Grand Steward (Medical) V. E. Alan Woods
District Grand Inspectors V. E. Frank Brown, Stephen Burgess, S. David Coey, Noel Cowden, Robert Cupples, Norman Farquhar, Arnold Imrie,
    Brian Jackson, Chris McCullough, Samuel Scott, Barry Spiers, Ronald Seawright, Sam Snodden, Ricky Totton, Graham Walker, Ricky Totten.